Sunday, June 27, 2010


I havent been writing on the blog for a while. Its been such a busy last few months that I havent had time! Maks has been home now for almost 4 months! I can't believe it. The last posting was at the beginning of May and way too much has happened to catch up on everything. Some of the highlights...

-We took Maks to Florida for his 2nd birthday. We went down to Mom and Dad's house with Mom, Dad, Ang, Me, Jason and Maks. We took him to Ohana on his birthday and then Chef Mickeys the next day. We didn't do any parks though. Thought it might be a little much for him and we were only there a few days. He loved the characters. Minnie Mouse was probably his favorite. She spent so much time with him, giving him kisses and hugs. When she walked away he stood up on his chair, pointed to her and cried. I'm so proud of him. He is fearless. We took him over to Daytona Beach to meet his cousins and to see the ocean. He ran right into the ocean and would have kept going if I didn't stop him.

-We've also had to pack up our townhouse to get ready for our big move into our new house. Our closing dates were so close to the new baby's due date but we didn't have much of a choice. The packing, staying in a hotel for a week and then moving into a new house definitely seemed to bother Maks a bit.

-We moved this past weekend into a house in Brookdale in Naperville. Its a great subdivision with lots of families who all seem pretty friendly. A ton of neighbors have stopped by so far to drop off cookies and introduce themselves. I'm hoping we'll be able to stay here for a long time.

The baby is due any day now. Erin is so hot and uncomfortable. The weather has been tough here, nearly 90 degrees every day. We've had some huge storms since we've been here. The very first day we owned the house I was here vacuuming with Shirlene, she left to head home and I decided to finish up upstairs. All of the sudden I heard a really loud noise and saw the trees start to blow sideways. I was almost 100% certain that we were having a tornado! I ran down the stairs (fell is more like it) and got to the basement, all the while expecting the roof to start blowing off. It wasn't a tornado and the roof stayed on, but a big tree came down in our back yard denting the siding and just missing the roof. The weather vain on top of the garage fell off and landed on our front step just 3 feet from my car. We're working on fixing it all. :)

So far everything has been good. We have a lot of work to do on the house. I'm scared to have the baby! :) I'm not sure how I'll handle being a Mommy to 2 little ones. I'm not sure what I should do with my career next year while trying to balance everything. I'm trying to stop worrying and just enjoy life as it is now.

Jason and I are so blessed and so lucky. Our son is amazing. He is the best little man that I have ever met with the best smile, the greatest little heart, a wonderful sense of adventure and even though it makes his Mama crazy, he has a strong fighting spirit. He makes us very happy. :)


  1. And I might add- he is such a blessing to our whole family! Who knew how quickly the heart could be stolen by such a little man! Life just wouldn't be the same without him!!
    Nana J

  2. Wendy:

    I can't speak to being a mom to a newborn, but we brought 2 little boys home from Kemerovo about a month ago (aged 2 and almost 4 years old)...... YOu can totally handle two kids. It's hard and crazy busy, but worth every single second :) Enjoy!