Thursday, July 1, 2010

Wow. Life is going to change tomorrow.

So Erin did not go into spontaneous labor. So we're going into the hospital tomorrow to get that baby out of her. :) They're going to induce her at 7:15am tomorrow. Everyone keep your fingers crossed and say a few prayers. Its kind of goofy in that Maks has no idea whats about to happen.

To keep things interesting we found out that Maks has the Hand, Foot and Mouth disease. He had a fever the other night and then started getting blisters on his hands and blisters inside his mouth. The poor little guy had such a hard time eating. We weren't able to send him back to daycare on Wednesday and couldn't send him back at all until next Tuesday! Try getting everything wrapped up to have a baby, go on a 6 week leave, put together more stuff from our freshly moved house and having Maks running all over the place. Its been tough! My Mom is going to help us this weekend by taking Maks home with her. He can't be around the baby until his blisters have dried up and gotten better. Lets hope that he's doing better by Sunday. Thanks Mom! :)

Maks' new thing is saying "Hi" to everything. "Hi Mama", "Hi Dada", "Hi Doggy". Its so cute. I love coming home and hearing "Hi Mama". He sits in his crib and yells "Mama, Where is you?". He is seriously the cutest kid ever.

I'm going to wrap it up now. Big day ahead of me.