Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Little things to remember

There are so many things that I want to remember about my 2 year old version of Maks. I hope one day when he reads this he will understand what an unbelievable person his is, even at this age. He amazes me every day with how smart he is. Today we were reading the Foot Book by Dr. Seuss and he remembers some of the words in the book based on the pictures for those pages. He knows when it says up and down, when it says over the chair and the little gesture I make for that part. He knows when it says "sick feet" and does this little cough. Its so funny! I don't even read that book very much to him!

Our new bath tub has these little handles on the side. He now grabs the handles and then puts his feet up in the air and holds his little butt up. Like a gymnast on the pummel horse. I swear he's destined to be a gymnast. He already does somersaults on his own, is always trying to do handstands, can hold up his little body weight with his arms... I wish I always had a video camera handy!

Today the social worker from our adoption agency came to our house for our 6 month check up. They start it around 4 months so they can get everything processed, written up and sent off to Russia on time. Maks was very curious about this new lady. Grandma Peterson was here helping us keep an eye on him while we talked with Ellen and Maks kept walking in and out of the dining room to make sure everyone knew he was there and to check out what was going on without him. :)

He's not feeling well today. Last night he had a bit of a fever and today eating doesnt seem to be easy for him. I think his little throat is sore and swollen. But still he's such a trooper. He still wanted to watch "Pooooh" on tv and wrestle on the couch.

Every time I pick him up now he gives me a kiss. And even though they have been snot and bacteria filled lately, I gladly take every one! He's so good at giving high-fives and "pounding" his Dada. I sound like I'm gushing all the time, but I'm telling you (and the future Maks) he really is an amazing little guy. I want to get better at my blog so that he can always know what life was like when he was this age, what his Mama was thinking and what we were all going through together. I would have loved to have that from my childhood. Especially now that I'm a Mom myself.


  1. Wonder what time Ellen got there? We met her for our first meeting at 11am at the Panera Bread at the Joliet Mall. She said she had another couple to see in Naperville. Who knew?

  2. When I left Maks yesterday, I kept thinking, I want him to know as he grows how we fell in love w/ his picture before we met him(who knew you could do that, but when God gives you a gift, you do). Every time I have gotten to spend time with him I am amazed. He is so happy & SO smart! Even his cousins, Derrick, Kiersten & Cole think he is awesome. Love you, Gram P

  3. Yes if you want another blog book you'd better get back to writing. :)
    Aunt Judy

  4. Ok one more thing to make me feel guilty about! Oh wait- there was no such thing as blogging when you were little! But believe me- you were every bit as amazing as little Maks-- You are an amazing Mom and he will know it because I keep telling him so- We are all so very lucky to have him in our lives. I often feel like I've known him forever and loved him even longer.
    Grandma J- Da