Thursday, August 12, 2010

The end of this line.

I think the last post I made into the blog is a great place to end our "Waiting for Baby Peterson" blog and begin a new one about both of our kids. Its proving to be even more difficult to update a blog with 2 kids, let alone 2 blogs with 2 kids. :) I still want to update a blog frequently though and will commit to making it happen!! Once I get the new Peterson Family blog up and running I'll share the info with anyone who wants to keep up with our increasingly hectic life.

I cannot believe the journey we've been on over the past two years. We have been the luckiest people in the world. We started down this path devastated and hopeful. Devastated that our lives were not working out the way that we expected. Hopeful that God would open other doors for us that would allow our dreams of starting a family to come true. I would have never guessed or dared to hope that it would have led us to Maks & Ella. What an incredible, elating, heart-breaking, difficult, long, blessed road this has been. And what a journey we have started now. :)

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